CQ WPX CW 2016

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CQ WPX CW 2016

Post by LA8OM » 22 Jun 2016, 12:26

Call: LA8OM
Operator(s): LA8OM 

Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
QTH: Sirdal - JO38LV
Operating Time (hrs): 36 
Location: Northern Europe 

Band QSOs 
160:  0 
80: 323 
40: 758 
20: 916 
15: 410 
10: 117 
Total: 2524 Prefixes 834 Total Score 4,079,094 

Club: LA Contest Club 

Kept up the now ten year long tradition of visiting the cabin for WPX, just at
this exciting time of year when winter turns into spring and the slushy remains
of winter ice disappear off the lake's surface. 

With sunspot count around 30 the condx up here felt pretty meager, confirmed by
the fact that only 20 percent of the entries (519 Qs) were outside Europe vs. 36
percent (829 Qs) in last year's WPX. Average pts/QSO: 1.94 in 2016 vs. 2.28 in
2015. [Is it really so that NA contestants are guaranteed a minimum of 2 pts
per QSO..?]

Enjoyed the surprise 10m mini EU QSO party that came up on Sunday and produced 
110 Qs in 1.5 hour. Also nice to hear and work FM amis TO972M and FM/DL7VOG. 

Tnx fer all QSOs, 73 es cu next time!
Chris / LA8OM

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