CQ WW CW 2016

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CQ WW CW 2016

Post by LA8OM » 30 Nov 2016, 01:34

Call: LA4C
Operator(s): LA8OM
Station: LA4C

Class: SOAB(A) HP
QTH: Akrehamn
Operating Time (hrs): 42.5
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  455     7       53
   80:  946    21       87
   40:  786    25       98
   20:  812    26      101
   15:   88    17       49
   10:    0               
Total: 3087    96      388  Total Score = 2,036,188


Although in a quite different setting, CQWWCW was also this year operated from
an island. The LA4C club station at Karmoy has an excellent location right at
the oceanfront, and at times amazing to watch big ocean waves passing at
incredible speeds right outside the shack window during gale winds. 

With a reasonably short jump across the pond to K-land, it was still not until
Sunday afternoon that the event's one and only run-worthy opening to NA
occurred - on 20m and mainly to the east coast. No signals heard on 10m and
could not hear the 15m action that obviously took place further south in
Europe.  On the other hand, I had the pleasure for the first time ever to have
a 160m antenna available. But points and multiplier wise, good European 160m
activity could not compensate for the lack of DX contacts on other bands (only
6 JAs in the log...). 

Others have commented on conditions that seem to have varied largely from
region to region, where especially stations in northern locations have
struggled with meagre conditions. Even not far up north, a station like K9CT
(further up the page) reports less than half of their 'normal' score. My conds
indicator is the share of DX QSOs (non-Europe), which typically has been 30-38
percent of my QSO tally (North America: 20-29 percent of all Qs). This year the
figures were only 20 percent DX and 10 percent NA, not including 160m contacts
to allow relevant comparison. 

BIC: 42.5 hrs, which also included some good chats with fellow club members
that came by the shack during the week-end to say hello. Nice breaks in periods
when things were slow.

Set-up: K3, IC-7700, Expert amps, A3S tribander, quad (20), vert. dipole (40),
dipole (80), delta loop (160).

Chris / LA8OM

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Re: CQ WW CW 2016

Post by LA5KO » 02 Dec 2016, 13:09

Bra kjørt fra et supert QTH, Chris !
Og flott at du poster resultatet her !
73 de
Roy / LA5KO

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Re: CQ WW CW 2016

Post by LB1GB » 02 Dec 2016, 18:00

Godt jobba under krevende forhold Chris!


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