CQ WPX CW 2020

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CQ WPX CW 2020

Post by LA5LJA » 01 Jun 2020, 08:14

Call: LA5LJA
Operator(s): LA5LJA
Station: LA5LJA

Class: SOAB LP
Class Overlay: TB-Wires
Operating Time (hrs): 29:59

Band QSOs
160: 68
80: 183
40: 351
20: 337
15: 281
10: 242
Total: 1462 Prefixes = 586 Total Score = 1,357,176

Club: LA Contest Club


Great weekend,ham radio contesting at is best.
Great activity, had hoped for full 36 hours for
me in the contest, but I started late on saturday
about 06:30 gmt, due to some flue symptoms.
Put up a new full size vertical on 80 mtr on thursday
before the contest, worked great,was tired before the contest.
But stayed in the seat for 30 hours,not much dx worked.
Yagi is locked to 80 degrees east,on 10-15-20 i worked
about 720 qsos on my vertical *GP7DX* antenna,my mults are down
due to this, mostly eu qso's worked, need to get my yagis to work again.
Was amazed about how good shape 10 and 15 mtr was, so I spended a
lot of time there,result i missed some qsos on 40 mtr,many 2 pointers lost.
Should have made at least 600 qsos on 40, but i feel i had a lot of
fun on de other bands, so it make up for my mistake's...
The bands was crowded to the end, 20 and 40 was full till the last minut.
Not much dx worked, but this is a prefix contest...and prefix we have
a lot of in EU...I think we have 50% about the contesters in the world also..

My set up for the contest was:

FTdx5000 set to 100 watt. ( I love this radio)
Antenna: 10-15-20 GP7DX vertical up 10 mtr,720 qso's
Antenna: 10-15-20 Optipbeam 11-5 (so pity cant turn it) 140 qsos
Antenna: 40 Optibeam 40-30 Dipole (can not turn,buhuu my self)
Antenna: 80 20 mtr vertical with 4 elevated rads. (My Tumb up for this)
Antenna: 160 slooper from Tower

So a big thank you to all of you that heard my tiny signal.
Maybe my log check report will take me hard,I was running the whole
contest without head phones....my cat like my head phone much..I think..
he had eated up the silicon cable on it, so I hope he get saturated..
Lesson learned ..give him more food...when he say..Miiiauuuu....
Have a great summer to all of you...wife is still Corona stucked in here
orginal country...so I have a lot of time to spend in the radio
so I hope to see some of you again in contests...CW is king...

Lars LA5LJA (54 years YOUNG)


Poster denne.
Dette er så moro det kan være på Løten :lol:
Morsom helg.

Besøk gjerne min *blog*
la5lja (punktum) blogspot (punktum) com

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