SAC CW 2020

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SAC CW 2020

Post by LA5LJA » 22 Sep 2020, 19:44

Scandinavian Activity Contest, CW - 2020

Call: LN7TTT
Operator(s): LA5LJA
Station: LN7TTT

Class: SOAB LP
Class Overlay: TB-Wires
Operating Time (hrs): 05:25

Band QSOs Mults
80: 13 6
40: 215 31
20: 260 32
15: 5 5
10: 0 0
Total: 493 74 Total Score = 77,478

Club: LA Contest Club


Only qrv on sunday morning.Due to work on saturday.
First time with a new logging program.
Started cq on 80 mtr 0612z,what a mess...
Lot's of callers,fresh meat on the band ,I was not ready
for this,cw skimmer's read my Call and skimmers op's clicked
on it and a continious calling started, after 4 min.11 call's
in log, in this 4 minuts I have to restart my log 1 time.
After qso nr.3 with LY2CX everything locked down...
Fired up again...look's ok made some more q's on 80 before
I moved to 40 mtr and had a very good run
there for some time,but after 197 qso's the log start to lock
down again,this happen about 10 times during 30 q's..after 226 q's
I get message disc closed everything and was thinking..
no more sac test for me...but started up again. and get disc error
message again...loaded the microham router again then the logging
program and everything looks ok and that it was,no more problem
for the NeXT 267 qso' cross my fingers and will run this logger
in the NeXT cqww cw test..thanks to all that called me...many familiar
Call sign from previous SAC contest..Hope see all of you NeXT year...
Maybe I can do a 20 hours test NeXT year...and end up with 1500 q's..
Best 60 minutes rate 121....average rate 90 q's/hour..
Conds was just average...similar to 2019 I think..
GP7DX vertical antenna Works great on 20 mtr.
Dipole North/South on 40 mtr....
Optibeam 11-5 still locked to 45* east...
No rotor change this summer either..
I'm to LAZY....Still looking for a New qth.
SAC testen er moro, noen andre som har noen synspunkt, del de gjerne...

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