KING OF SPAIN SSB CONTEST 2015 - 27 & 28 June

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KING OF SPAIN SSB CONTEST 2015 - 27 & 28 June

Post by LB1GB » 23 Jun 2015, 21:05

Hi friend.

We know that you are a fantastic Contester and we want invite you at our International SSB Contest (HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF SPAIN SSB CONTEST next 27th and 28th June, from 1200 UTC on Saturday until 1200 UTC on Sunday), a Fb contest in 6 bands that each year get more and more participants, last edition we received 930 logs and we want received more than 1200 this year 2015, If you want joing at this party we will be very happy is a great contest to test your antennas and study in your SO2R operation, give to young contesters oportinity of joing in contests, etc..., thanks for your time and we hope linsten you friend.

Also you can contact in 6 bands EF0F the QRZ from Felipe VI, The King of Spain.

Take a look at our Contest web site, with few interiristing links:

Rules: ... ssb/bases/
Announced Operations (PSE Include your):
Records: ... b/records/
Results 2014: ... esultados/
Historical Database: ... /database/

This contest is part of the Annual HF Championship organized by URE, only 6 HF Contests (this is the 4th) and you can see the Ranking Online:

Good Luck and Contest !!!

73 de EC1KR Jesus & EA5HT Jesus
URE HF Contest Committee

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