CQ WPX CW 2014 results

Også her ble noen gamle rekorder slått og noen ferske kom til. Sjekk de norske CQ WPX rekordene her

LA8WGSO QRP 15M (T)3,4816159
LA/LY5GSO QRP 10M8,0088477
LI6CFSO LP ALL (T)171,000335250
LB1KGSO LP ALL (R)22,876153133
LN7TTTSO LP ALL1,120,0081,131552LA5LJA
LI2HFASO LP ALL740,544854456LA2HFA
LI7CLSO LP ALL49,640190146LA7CL
LA3RKSO LP 80M9877
LA2MOASO LP 20M628,173785531
LJ5WBSO LP 20M11,35210386LJ5WB
LA6PBSO LP 20M8088
LA3SSO LP 15M704,385694495LA3BO
LI8WSO HP ALL5,887,1342,487954LI8W
LA7GIASO HP ALL141,777387267
LA2LISO HP ALL16,8109082
LA4NLSA LP ALL90,294245202
LA8AWSA LP ALL33,062143122
LA3ZASA LP ALL28,600122104
LI3LJASA LP 20M95,361294239LA3LJA
LI8OMSA HP ALL (T)3,408,8322,228784LA8OM
LI3CSA HP ALL (T)1,425,8821,373642LA9DFA
LA6TPASA HP ALL (T)422,048556436
LI5OSA HP ALL615,276693422LB3RE
LA8HGASA HP ALL330,480573340
LA7SISA HP ALL34,290152127
LB2TBSA HP ALL8,0366149
LJ6KCSA HP 15M4,7855855LB6KC
LB6KCSA HP 10M7,9319777
LI6DWChecklog LA6DW

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